So this was my day today. I am so squealing with happiness right now. This is super long. OwO

I had to go to Saturday school, and it was the first day so I couldn’t find my class when I walked in and I was already late. I found my class, but I wasn’t sure if it was the right one because the paper they taped outside had the wrong grade number so I walked on. While I was turning in circles, this guy (he’s a teacher’s assistant) gets up from his table and walks over to me. He asked me if I needed help and I just freaked out. HE WAS MY CRUSH FOR FOREVER. I first saw him at my real school in March during lunch and I had this super huge crush on him. So every week I would try to gather up the courage to talk to him during lunch, but I would chicken out every week. So I always kinda watched him afar for months until school ended. I’m such a creeper ;~;. So he helps me by looking around the map and he doesn’t know where the class is either, so we just walked around the school. I couldn’t believe I was actually walking with him. Omg. Finally, I took up ALL of my courage I built for months and asked him, “Hey do you go to (name of my school)?” Of course, I already knew he did, but he looks super surprised and goes “Yeah, I do. Are you a freshmen?” He thought I was a freshmen cause I am super short, but I said no and said I was a sophomore. In reply, he told me he was a senior this year (which I knew) And he said his name (which I already knew also) and I told him mine. He gives a weird look and goes, “Huh…I think I heard of you before.” OMG HE KNEW ME?! SORTA? I told him if I see him around, I’ll say hi and he said ok >w<. So he keeps walking around really fast to find my class I guess because he was trying to show that he knew where he was going (which he didn’t but I didn’t care hehe). I was practically fighting the urge to jump up and down. Finally, we find my class which was the room I initially went to and turns out it was the right class and I thank him. For the first time, I think I want to go back to school omgomgomg.